Juliet Victor


The Crown of Tokaj

„The crown of Tokaj – Juliet Victor’ mission is to create the world’s best Tokaj wines, to deepen further the unique skills of trade related to these wines and to redefine the image of Hungarian wines throughout the world. A journey beginning with the inspiring historic heritage of terroir and continuing with the most modern techniques of vinification”– claims József Váradi, the owner of Juliet Victor estate.

The Estate

Juliet Victor estate is located in Tokaj wine region, in the great terroir of village Mád, and its objective is to unite the most subtle knowledge of trade with the outstanding, historic terroir.

Our mantra is: „Quality over quantity”.Exceptionally high standard of production facilities including the application of the most developed procedures, vinification techniques and investment in the most modern machinery – all of these features facilitate to create the most prestigious wines.


Váradi Family Vaxco estate is situated in the village of Mád, within Tokaj wine region, which was announced to be part of UNESCO World Heritage. An exceptionally rich terroir, which was born from the collision of several different types of soil. The versatile world of Juliet Victor makes a perfect balance between historic and modern: state of art technology applied in a terroir with legendary past. Juliet Victor provides keen winelovers with elegant dry white wines and unique dessert wines.

The name ‘Juliet Victor’ is a symbol of the essence of elegance and a commitment to the highest level of quality. József Váradi the founder and leader of Wizz Air, one of Europe’s most successful aviation enterprises, has provided the ultimate endorsement for this extraordinary wine. ‘Juliet Victor’ is a moniker from his own initials using the international phonetic alphabet while bringing to life the language of aviation: ‘J’ for Juliet and ‘V’ for Victor.

“Juliet Victor is my mission ‘to return something’. We keep saying with my friends that life is too short to drink bad wine. I believe that Tokaj, and especially Mád has the potential to make wines to meet international standards. Prediction and intuition, exclusive and available – Juliet Victor includes all of these attributes. I am convinced that flying turns the world into a better place by providing the fundaments of happiness. Juliet Victor was born to bring happiness for all of us to enjoy, and the winery makes my personal life complete” – says József Váradi.  


The cellar

Mád, one of the most significant historic communities of Tokaj-Hegyalja consists of the most emblematic vineyards. Due to their diverse volcanic soils, ideal situation and unique microclimate, these plots are capable of giving high quality, exciting wines. Apart from the grape, the vineyard and the human knowledge gathered during centuries, there is another crucial element: the vinification plant. As it is characteristic of Tokaj wine region and also in Mád, the winery buildings are not located within the vineyards, but in the very heart of the community surrounded by houses, in the neighborhood of community buildings. As a consequence, wineries are provincial, they reflect the atmosphere of rural life. These buildings are first and foremost not vinification plants, but organic parts of the community, whose life is closely related to wine.

JV is a winery as described above: fitting in the image of the street was equally important during the designing procedure together with serving modern technology and meeting the challenges of our time. The aim of the architecture was to create a house without age: a house that might as well have stood there for 100 years, but at the same time it has a contemporary style, where the needs of today’s technology are not hidden behind an archaic surface. The use of local raw materials, including limestone from Mád gave a strong support to achieve this goal. Besides being visible on the facade, limestone contributes to the creation of wines made in this terroir, thus the role of the stone is double and has a special importance.

The wines

Juliet Victor is an estate to create exceptional wines from a stunning, rich terroir. With unique aromas, colours and complexity, Juliet Victor captures the very essence of the most prestigious and noble wines of Hungary.

Juliet Victor

web: http://julietvictor.hu
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Commercial manager: Zsuzsanna Géró
email: zsuzsanna.gero@julietvictor.hu
Phone: +36-30-1626-860

General manager: Judit Janka
Sommelier, consultant: Mátyás Szik
Viticulturist: Zsolt Vincze

Press: pr@julietvictor.hu

Social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JulietVictorVineyards/
Instagram: @julietvictorvineyards

Wines from the Winery
JV Furmint 2016
JV Furmint 2016

JV Furmint 2016

Crystal clear, shiny pale straw yellow colour. Its high viscosity anticipates outstanding inherent values.   Clear, medium intense nose with the creamy notes of peanut and besides the delicious flavours of ripened apple and pear, some fine, attractive buttery tones can also be detected. Bone dry, subtle palate with complexity and medium plus acidity. Apart from the restraint sensation of alcohol and the refined aromas, the leading features are the elegant spiciness of vanilla and the bunch of citrus fruits. Medium plus length with notes proving subtle use of the barrels. This outstanding wine leaves with a hint of grapefruit peel.

JV Estate Furmint 2017
JV Estate Furmint 2017

JV Estate Furmint 2017

Crystal clear, pale straw yellow colour with shiny golden shades. Clear, restraint nose with slightly tart birch, velvety vanilla and exciting nutty notes – all justifying our expectations for the most noble wine when noticing the ‘legs’ on the sides of the glass flowing down slowly and evenly. Subtle, dry and balanced on the palate withmyriad of vibrant citrus fruits and minerals. Playful and refreshing. Long finish, medium plus acidity and medium body make this wine perfectly balanced, harmonious and to be enjoyed endlessly.

JV Szamorodni 2016
JV Szamorodni 2016

JV Szamorodni 2016

Crystal clear golden colour with bright gold reflections. High viscosity, noble full body. Clear, developed, intense nose with sweet, luscious, vibrant apricot, savoury apple, silky vanilla, velvety white chocolate and discrete liquor notes – all of them appear in turn besides the botrytis typical of Tokaj wine region. Sweet palate with refreshing acidity. Candied citrus fruits, fully ripened apple and tea notes make the pleasure of the prolonged, exceptional taste more complex. Not only a wine with enchanting colour and stunning character, but with perfect elegance and long ageing potential.