Tokaj Again

The topic of the category was chosen to draw attention to the recent changes in Tokaj. The aim is to highlight new features of the wine region. The article can cover a subregion of Tokaj, a wine style, it can have a touristic approach or anything else, provided that the article is focused on Tokaj wine region and a novelty of Tokaj.

Matthew Horkey

Tokaj, Hungary is a place that Charine and I have been longing to visit. Thanks to our friends from WineSofa and Wine a’More Travel, our wish became a reality. The minute we stepped off the train it was obvious to us that Tokaj is all it is cracked up to be (that’s before we even tasted a drop of wine)…

Stanislav Novak

Indian Summer in Hungary. First time in Tokaj was almost near: my friends told me not to take a train to this small village. Budapest was bowling because of Keleti taken by migrants; I was safe in Prague, so decided to enjoy Moravian wine instead of Hungarian.

Perica S. Radović

Just a shade or two darker than golden color. Sluggish in the glass. You can simply feel Its viscosity in the hand, the weight of liquid that swings and slowly runs down the side of a glass.

The Sponsor of the Category

On the Track of the Legendary Wines

Pajzos was established in 1992 by 12 investors, one of the key investors is the current owner, agricultural engineer Jean-Louis Laborde. He was in the background of the winery life until 1997. In 2000 Mr. Laborde secured a majority share in Pajzos and then he initiated the replanting of Pajzos vineyard, ensuring optimal grape production. Since then Pajzos wines have found their place at dinner tables, in prestigious restaurants and at exclusive gala dinners in numerous countries, thus the building fame of the Tokaj wine region and Tokaji wines.

We make Pajzos wines from the premium grapes grown in our Pajzos vineyard in Bodrogolaszi and our Megyer vineyard in Sárospatak. The wines are made with attentive work both in the vineyards and winery either with barrel ageing according to Tokaj traditions or using modern

reductive winemaking methods. The premium Pajzos wines perfectly express the assets of these two superb vineyards: Megyer vineyard gives crisp, dynamic wines of outstanding quality that are characterised by coolness, distinctive minerality and a fresh acid structure. Sweet wines from Pajzos vineyard are refreshing and flavourful. Fragrances and flavours of peach and a plethora of white flowers (elderflower, chamomile) with citrus and mandarin rise from the glass, treating the wine lover with gorgeous minerality. These wines are deservedly legendary: they retain their richness and fruit aromas for decades, losing nothing of the freshness proffered by the acid backbone.

The Prizes
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  • The winner of the category can participate in the study tour organized on 14–17 August 2018. The trip includes transfers between the venues, accommodation, meals, tastings. A special feature of the study tour is a visit to Pajzos Tokaj winery in Tokaj with one of the most precious vineyards in Hungary.
  • All the three finalists of the category will receive a 6 bottle case of wine selection by Pajzos Tokaj (1 b. Tokaji Szamorodni 2015, 2 b. T Furmint 2016, 1 b. Megyer Selection 2015, 1 b. Late Harvest 2015, 1 b. Tokaji Aszú 2013).
  • All the three finalists of the category will receive an invitation to the award ceremony event on 16 August.
The Members of the Jury
Ercsey Dániel
Tomislav Ivanovic
Gergely Somogyi

Regular writer for several wine publications, judge at different international wine competitions. His main job and passion is WineSofa, a site about wines of Central and Eastern Europe in English. He was chosen winner of wine travel category by Millesima Blog Award in 2017.

An always travelling and discovering wine writer from Serbia, founder of Vinopedia blog, a regular judge of international wine competitions. In 2016, Vinopedia won the Millesima Blog Award as the best European wine blog covering the topic of wine and food pairing. In 2017, another article written by Tomislav was shortlisted for the Born Digital Wine Award.


A true expert of Tokaj with immense knowledge of not only the wines but all regulations, novelties, well known and less known winemakers of Tokaj. His site, the English language Tokaj Today is a primary source of information for those who would like to have a deeper understanding of this unique land.