Red is the Colour!

The topic of this category is red wine. The article can introduce a grape variety or a wine region, it can investigate the development of a style – the possibilities are infinite. The only restriction is that the article should be written about one or more Hungarian red wines.

Colm FitzGerard

For many non-Hungarians, ‘Bull’s Blood from Eger’ is synonymous with Hungarian wine. Neighbors in California, relatives in Ireland, they all reminisced about the cheap, harsh red blend of their college days.

Matthew Horkey

The first time we came across wines from Villány was in Zagreb, Croatia. During the Vinart Grand Tasting, we attended a masterclass in Villány’s Cabernet Franc. The wines were of outstanding quality, and they piqued our interest immediately…

The Sponsor of the Category

No good wine is produced without commitment

Villány is the southern most and one of the oldest wine-growing region of Hungary, having very beneficial climatic conditions. The sub Mediterranean microclimate, rich in light gives an excellent, fiery, full-bodied wine.

Csányi Winery is located on the outskirts of the town of Villány, the predecessor of which, Chateau Teleki Winery was established by Zsigmond Teleki in 1881. The owners considered the traditions important, therefore they left the old system of cellars – now a rarity – almost intact, and built a modern winery above it that meets today’s demands. Even in possession of the technology necessary for progressive wine-production we are not forgetting the well-established traditions, the essence of which is to genuinely reflect the values of the grapes in our wines. Csányi Winery plantations are stretching over the best vineyards of Villány Wine Region; the most significant vineyards are Kopár, Csillagvölgy, Jammertal, Agancsos, Ördögárok and Hársos. Our whole area is over 380 hectares. Our annual sales of 2 million bottles carry the message that we are on the right track and our wines are widely favoured.

“No good wine is produced without commitment”, declared Zsigmond Teleki, without whose activity in the area of grapevine breeding European viticulture would now be poorer. Setting ourselves a special challenge, we have named our classic family of wines after Teleki. Beyond their rootstock breeding activity, their legendary wine, Chateau Teleki, used to bring well-earned success and fine reputation for the Teleki family. The great premium category Bordeaux style red wines match similar wines of the best private producers.

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  • All the three finalists of the category will receive a double magnum bottle Teleki Kővilla Selection Villányi Franc.
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Executive manager of Csányi Winery, sponsor of the category. Graduated as an oneologist, and he gained experience in several wine regions of the world from Australia to South Africa. He has been consultant editor of market leading VinCE Magazine for more than 14 years. WSET diploma holder wine educator.


A Hungarian born within the boundaries of Croatia, an always active “engine” of the South of Hungary. He is the founder and organizer of Portugieser du Monde international wine competition held annually in the city of Pécs, and editor in chief of the regional wine magazine Pécsi Borozó – a regional magazine which is read all over the country because of its outstanding articles and photos.

Founder & editor of The Morning Claret, and an award-winning English wine and drinks writer. He is member of the Circle of Wine Writers. Simon contributes regularly to Decanter and Meininger Wine Business International. He’s also written for Punch Drink, Jancis Robinson,, Palate Press, Harpers online and amongst others

She worked as editor in chief of VinCE Magazine for 12 years, and she was chief organizer of the first 7 editions of VinCE Budapest Wine Show. Since October 2016 she has been editor in chief of An article of was chosen winner of Wine report category by Millesima Blog Award in 2017.