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A new wine bar has opened. A Michelin star chef created a superb menu to a Hungarian wine. A great event has been announced. aims to report all the significant happenings concerning Hungarian wine. Visit our News page every day to find something new and exciting! We tell you the truth: we want you to fall in love with Hungarian wines.

10 gold winner red wines from VinAgora

Last week we reported the announcement of the 21st VinAgora International Wine Competition of Hungary and we introduced some champions, then we also presented 7 gold medal winner white wines. Now we will present 10 of the gold winners, this time only red wines. These wines are more than worth…

Sparkling wine festival in Budapest

Sándor Petőfi, the renowned poet and an importnt character of the revolution of 1848–49 must have popped in this event to cheer with a glass of bubbly. He liked wine, it is clearly known from his poems. Now his statue stands in Március 15. square near the River Danube, where…

Hogy adjunk el 100 eurós bort?

Itthon egyre több borászat jutott el abba a fázisba, amikor mennyiségben már nem szeretne növekedni, a fejlődés viszont nem állhat meg, így ők a minőségbeli növekedést tűzték ki célul. A magasabb minőséghez értelemszerűleg magasabb ár is társul, de mit kezd a piac a luxus-árkategóriás borokkal? Többek közt Robert Joseph borszakíró…

Kissed by a buffalo in Sopron

Do you know what buffalo kiss is? Well, it is a less known type of “fröccs” aka wine spritzer. Fröccs is simply wine and soda water, and it is highly popular in Hungary. The different names refer to the different ratio of wine and soda. The most common is “nagyfröccs”…

7 gold winner white wines from VinAgora

Last week we reported the announcement of the 21st VinAgora International Wine Competition of Hungary. Then we introduced a champion Garamvári sparkling, a Grand Gold Thummerer Bikavér and a special award winner Paulus Olaszrizling. Now we will present 7 of the 140 gold winners, this time only white wines –…

Wine and art: Erdőbénye awaits you again!

Erdőbénye is a picturesque, tiny village in Tokaj wine region, home of several wineries, which help each other in many ways, for example each of them recommends the others (with useful pieces of information, like how far the next winery is on foot or by car).

Kabar webinar in Winephabet Street

Have you heard about Kabar grape variety? No? No wonder, it is a grape producted in tiny quantity in a small country – in Hungary. Now, you can learn about this rare varietal in a free webinar by Debbie Gioquindo CSW and Lori Budd. They will certainly taste a bottle…

The results of Vinagora wine contest are announced

The largest international wine competition of Hungary, the 21st VinAgora took place on 3–5 July, and the results have just been announced. The number of samples hit a new record at one of the most important wine competitions of Central Europe. 50 wine experts from all around the world tasted…