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A new wine bar has opened. A Michelin star chef created a superb menu to a Hungarian wine. A great event has been announced. aims to report all the significant happenings concerning Hungarian wine. Visit our News page every day to find something new and exciting! We tell you the truth: we want you to fall in love with Hungarian wines.

Where to stay during Villány Red Wine Festival

Villány Red Wine Festival on 4–6 October is one of the most popular harvest festivity in Hungary. The event is held in several squares of Villány (south of Hungary, approximately 3 hours from Budapest), free music concerts and kids’ programmes are provided.

Taste 60 award winning wines at one place

Winelovers 100 is an annual publication to showcase the 100 best wines of Hungary. All the panel members are highly qualified (they all hold Wine and Spirit Education Trust diploma), thus the magazine is a trustworthy guide for keen wine enthusiasts.

Hungarian cheese & Tokaj wines

Tokaj wine region, the land of royal wines includes several tiny villages, each of them has its own personality, terroir and enthusiastic winemakers. Bodrogkeresztúr and Bodrogkisfalud are two spectacular villages with the romantic banks of the river Bodrog.

Macok Bistro – the nicest way to siege the castle of Eger

One of the 10 best restaurants of Hungarian countryside (Dining Guide magazine), Macok uses local ingredients like trout from neighbouring Szilvásvárad or artisan cheese from Bükk region. The wine list is great: guests can choose from a widerange of Eger wines and some carefully selected wines from other wine regions of Hungary.

Two vertical tastings in the hottest village of Tokaj

Tállya is one of the communes of Tokaj wine region, a village you can hear mentioned more and more times. „Exciting upcoming town of Tokaj” –wrote Rob Smyth wine writer in Budapest Business Journal, and he is just one of the journalists reporting the potential of Tállya.

Win two tickets for Budapest Wine Festival!

Grand Tokaj, one of the exhibitors of the grandiose Budapest Wine festival held in a UNESCO World Heritage site on 5–8 September. The hilarious venue, the Castle of Buda gives an amazing setting for the open air tasting. Grand Tokaj, the largest winery of Tokaj region makes a wide selection of wines from…

Top 3 prestige red wines from Hungary

Hungarian print wine magazine called VinCE dedicated its August panel tasting to the top red wines of the country. As the editors put it into words, „they are looking for wines to keep until the most important occasions, eg. the wedding of our children.