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A new wine bar has opened. A Michelin star chef created a superb menu to a Hungarian wine. A great event has been announced. aims to report all the significant happenings concerning Hungarian wine. Visit our News page every day to find something new and exciting! We tell you the truth: we want you to fall in love with Hungarian wines.

Bock for health: pizza with grape seed products

Bock Cellar in Villány protects our environment in several ways: they have an electric car charger in the car park, recycle as much as they can, and they also use the side products of winemaking: Bock manufactures grape seed products. Tablets, ground grape seed, natural or flavoured grape seed oils,…

Whatdoyoudrink? – organic and natural wine tasting

16 November is the date of the annual Whatdoyoudrink? festival in Budapest, the only full day tasting dedicated exclusively to organic, biodynamic and natural wines. The venue is ’Bálna’ (literally ’whale’), a whale shaped, state-of-art building covered with glass.

’Beaujolais’ Nouveau from Villány?

Not only the pronunciation of ’Bogyólé’ resembles Beaujolais, but the vinificiation method is similar, too. Just like the French wine for fresh consumption, this refreshing, fruity wine by Vylyan is also made with carbonic maceration, when the fermentation takes place within the berries.

Another ’Oscar’ for Kreinbacher Estate

The world’s most prestigious sparkling wine competition, the British CSWWC founded by Tom Stevenson has been organized for the 6th time, and Kreinbacher Estate from Somló has won the title ’Best Hungarian Sparkling Wine’ for the 3rd time.

Podrum Wineart – a fancy wine epicentrum in Belgrade

Serbia is an amazing wine country with a lot to discover, just think of the flagship grape, Prokupac, but there are several exciting varieties beyond that. Vuk Vuletić, the sommelier champion of Serbia is somewhat parallel with Serbian wine culture: dynamic and has huge potential. Vuk Vuletić is head sommelier…

’Wine tuned’ New Year’s Eve in Budapest

The capital of Hungary is an ideal destination if you want to say goodbye to year 2019 in a stylish way. The city is full of buzz, and party districts turn on volume. Winelover event organizer team offers a party with a great selection of wines in a breathtaking venue:…

New vintage Kékfrankos from KNW

Kékfrankos is also known as Blaufränkisch, ’kék’ and ’blau’ both mean blue, thus Blues is a smart name for Kovács Nimród Winery Kékfrankos, referring to the grape and also to ’All that Jazz’ wine family of the winery.

Wine of the Week: Heumann Trinitás 2015

Wine of the Week: Heumann Trinitás 2015 November has just began, and so the gloomy days, early evenings arrived. It is time for something soul lifting, meditating, layered – a wine that makes us warm and think at the same time. Trinitás, a Cabernet Franc from Villány received 92 sores out…