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A new wine bar has opened. A Michelin star chef created a superb menu to a Hungarian wine. A great event has been announced. aims to report all the significant happenings concerning Hungarian wine. Visit our News page every day to find something new and exciting! We tell you the truth: we want you to fall in love with Hungarian wines.

In the photo: Kurt Taschner on the left and Csaba Koch on the right.
Sopron wines go to Kecskemét

Kurt Taschner, Sopron wine region’s emblematic winemaker held a tasting in the city of Kecskemét, at Koch Wine Shop. The tasting was a great success, and the diverse portfolio of the young and ambitious winemaker fascinated by the participants.

CNN Travel has 11 fun facts about Hungary

CNN Travel has 11 fun facts about Hungary „Hungarian people are reputed to be the only people who can enter a revolving door behind you and emerge ahead” – this is just one of the funny, but bitterly true facts about Hungary. The article at CNN Travel is from April, but is is…

The perfect venison to match Vylyan Villányi Franc

A recipe by late Pál Debreczeni We have already posted recipes by ladies, for example Kata Zsirai and Krisztina Csetvei. What is common in these two girls is that they are both featured in a book called „Gyengébb?Nem!” – a book with great female winemakers and their favourite recipes.

Californian creators of Cab Franc Day go to Villány

Franc & Franc event, 23–24 November As we reported earlier, Cabernet Franc Day was created by a Californian couple, the owners of Dracaena Wines to express their love of the grape variety. This year Lori & Michael Budd will make a presentation as part of Franc & Franc event in Villány, South…

Tokaj tasting in Madrid

7 November, La Casa del Abuelo The embassies are meant to represent a country with all its politics and culture, and we believe that wine is an inevitable a part of our culture. Thanks God the diplomats at the Hungarian Embassy in Spain share this point of you, and a…