Colourful Hungary

A fine wine shows its beauty in context, therefore the role of the wine in gastronomy is crucial. We expect articles of gastronomic topics from recipes through food and wine pairing to any kind of completely new approach of the relation of wine and gastronomy. The only restriction is that the wine, grape or wine style presented in the article should be Hungarian.

Mate Bruckner

When me and my friends reached the age when everybody starts drinking alcohol, we went to our former schoolmates’ favourite place, the Óbester Winehouse. According to the bar’s “rules” we rather drank wine than vodka-orange or whisky-coke as the teenagers of our age…

Đorđe Pešić

The wine I chose to pair with this desert is Tokaji Aszú 3 puttonyos 2006. Produced  from two varieties of grapes Furmint and Hárslevelű. This world-famous sweet wine, from around the town of Tokaj-Hegyalja in Hungary, has been so long revered that it is even mentioned in the national anthem…

Charine Tan

“I wonder if I can say that ‘One of the best Pinot Gris I’ve had is from Somló,’ without sounding pretentious.” Eva engages in a moment of thoughtful silence. “There’s very little Pinot Gris grown in Somló.” Yup, I can’t.

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The Members of the Jury
Elizabeth Gabay MW
Ivett Vancsik
Németh Ágnes
Agnes Nemeth

A Master of Wine who has participated in several Hungarian wine events and visited almost all Hungarian wine regions. Elizabeth started her career in the United Kingdom, but later she settled down in France with her family. Rosé wines are the main focus of her research, her latest publication (Rosé: Understanding the Pink Revolution) focuses on this category. She is a regular writer to numerous publications like Decanter, Harpers and others.

After her studies of English and German linguistics and literature, she spent over 15 years in the field of communication and strategic marketing but found her true vocation in the world of wines and obtained her WSET diploma in Rust, Austria. She is editor in chief of Hungary’s leading wine portals, Vinoport and Borászportál.

She worked as editor in chief of VinCE Magazine for 12 years, and she was chief organizer of the first 7 editions of VinCE Budapest Wine Show. Since October 2016 she has been editor in chief of An article of was chosen winner of Wine report category by Millesima Blog Award in 2017.