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Pajzos was established in 1991 by 12 investors, including Jean-Michel Arcaute, a highly-respected winemaker, who led the winery until 2000. The other key investor was the current owner, agricultural engineer Jean-Louis Laborde. He was in the background of the winery life until 1997. In 2000 Mr. Laborde secured a majority share in Pajzos and then he initiated the replanting of Pajzos vineyard, ensuring optimal grape production. Since then Pajzos wines have found their place at dinner tables, in prestigious restaurants and at exclusive gala dinners in numerous countries, thus the building fame of the Tokaj Wine Region and Tokaji wines.


We make Pajzos wines from the premium grapes growing our Pajzos Vineyard in Bodrogolaszi and our Megyer Vineyard in Sárospatak. The wines are made with attentive work both in the vineyards and winery either with barrel aging according to Tokaj traditions or using modern reductive winemaking methods. The premium Pajzos wines perfectly express the assets of these two superb vineyards: Megyer Vineyard gives crisp, dynamic wines of outstanding quality that are characterised by coolness, distinctive minerality and a fresh acid structure.
Sweet wines from Pajzos Vineyard are refreshing and flavourful. Fragrances and flavours of peach and a plethora of white flowers (elderflower, chamomile) with citrus and mandarin rise from the glass, treating the wine lover with gorgeous minerality. These wines are deservedly legendary: they retain their richness and fruit aromas for decades, losing nothing of the freshness proffered by the acid backbone.


Pajzos Vineyard is a south-, southwest-facing land with excellent attributes. Brown earth with clay strips mixes with andesite tuff, and this ground has excellent heat-retaining properties so grapes ripen beautifully and become supreme aszú berries. This last feature is thanks to the microclimate and Zsadány stream bordering the south of the area which provides the humidity necessary for the development of the Botrytis. Oak forests close the area to the north.
Pajzos Vineyard covers 87 hectares of which 54 currently produce grapes. There are 22 hectares of Furmint, 17 hectares of Hárslevelű and 15 hectares of Sárgamuskotály, as well as some experimental plantations.The majority of Hárslevelű was planted in the 1970s; more recent plantings took place between 2000 and 2004.

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Megyer Vineyard has a southern aspect, southeast-southwest facing. It has variable soils, with strongly mixed rhyolite tuff, a soft rock that weathers and is excellent for creating wines with high extract content. The microclimate is much cooler than in Pajzos Vineyard, and the lower number of sunshine hours as well as lower humidity mean the grapes ripen later and aszú berry development is slower than in Pajzos. The microclimate and soil make this land primarily suited to creating dry wines. Megyer Vineyard is 109 hectares of which 63 hectares are currently in production: 24 hectares of Furmint, 23 hectares Hárslevelű, 10 hectares Sárgamuskotály, 6 hectares Chardonnay. Most are old vines planted between mainly 1968 and 1974.


We carefully tend our vines through the year and harvest the grapes with great attention, in several phases according to wine types. We harvest the healhy grapes in full ripennes for the dry wines from mid-September. We harvest bunches with very concentrated sugar content resulting from Botrytis for late harvest wines. We pick the aszú berries one by one, each by hand, from mid-October till the end of November. Pajzos offers dry and late harvest wines, Szamorodni and Aszú wines in its product line.

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Wines from the Winery
Pajzos Tokaji "T" Furmint 2015
Pajzos Tokaji "T" Furmint 2015

Pajzos Tokaji "T" Furmint 2015

The Pajzos estate Furmint.Very clean and fresh, the scent of a dewy spring meadow with some mango basis. The acid caracter of the Furmint is closed with a little creaminess.

Furmint Selection 2013

Pajzos Tokaji Furmint Selection 2013

Complex, rich Furmint with distinctive citrus flavours and dried tropical fruits (passion fruit, pineapple) with the barrel aging giving vanilla and coconut notes with a refined spiciness.

Hárslevelű Selection 2014
Hárslevelű Selection 2014

Pajzos Tokaji Hárslevelű Selection 2014

Elegant, full bodied wine with great complexity. This well drinkable selection creates outstanding harmony and shows clearly the characteristic of Megyer vineyard next to Sárospatak.

Pajzos Tokaji Hárslevelű Late Harvest Selection 2013
Pajzos Tokaji Hárslevelű Late Harvest Selection 2013

Pajzos Tokaji Hárslevelű Late Harvest Selection 2013

A charming wine with tropical and floral fragrance and with the fine spiciness of the acacia. On the palate the honey notes are followed by a silky marzipan flavour.

Pajzos Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos 2006
Pajzos Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos 2006

Pajzos Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos 2006

Golden, young Aszú with a supremely refined inner world. Citrus and meadow flowers abound in the nose. The wine lover senses caramel, citrus and dried fruits, and white horehound on the palate with the discreet appearance of buttery, almond notes of barrel ageing. The typical minerality of Tokaji wine brings a slight saltiness to this drinkable wine thanks to its delightful acids. Elegant this promises to be a great wine with serious ageing potential.