‘Hungarian wines are world famous only in Hungary’ – cited often by sarcastic wine experts. Thanks God it is not true, Hungarian wines are known by the keen winelovers. Maybe not everywhere, but international wine contests undoubtedly help to make the world hear about us and about our exciting, high quality wines. On this page we report the international wine contests with the best results of Hungarian wines from time to time.

Villány regional wine contest – the results

International wine contests are of most importance, but so do the regional ones, because these tournaments show the best examples of a region. Since wines against each other are from more or less the same grapes, the same terroir and made according to the same traditions, the level of care…

Hungarian wines full of gold in the USA

Competition is really high in wine sector all over the world, and as a recent article reveiled, competition is super strong in the USA. According to Wine Business Monthly, roughly 90 percent of wine sold in the U.S. comes from the 30 top producers, and more than half of the…

Winewriter’s Choice – live in the city of Debrecen!

Date: 28 January, 15.00–20.00 Location: Déri Museum (4026 Debrecen, Déri tér 1.) Type of event: award ceremony and consumer tasting (price 6000 HUF) We have recently published a piece of news about the first competition of the Circle of Hungarian Winewriters, where Szent Tamás Mád Furmint was chosen the best…

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