Sopron wine region is on the north west of Hungary, near the Austrian border, Neusiedler See or as it is called in Hungary, Fertő tó is the common lake of the two countries. Grape growing started during the Roman empire. Sopron is famous for its Kékfrankos which is identical with the Austrian Blaufrankisch. Kékfrankos literally means ’blue frank banknote’: according to the legend Napoleon’s soldiers, who invaded Sopron paid with a blue frank, this banknote was used to be given for a unit of the wine. Kékfrankos bankote has been reintroduced recently to encourage local spending in local businesses. Besides the most important Kékfrankos, white grapes are also grown extensively like Zöld Veltelini (Grüner Veltliner), Chardonnay, Zenit, Irsai Olivér. In the communist era wine was mass produced in the region, and though there are several quality winemakers now, they are far less known than their Austrian neighbours.

The city of Sopron is full of historic buildings and its mountain hotels are ideal for recreation.

Taschner Winery and Sparkling Wine Cellar

In the beginning he was bottling the wine made by his father, alongside the work he studied all the knowledge of winemaking and today he is managing a winery with 20 hectares of land. Participating in the local wine marketing and wine tourism belongs also to his priorities.