beres winery

Easter wreath by Tara

As Easter is coming closer, it is time to prepare the seasonal cakes, sweets. At Easter we eat sweets mostly with walnutand poppyseed, and easter wreath is an emblematic shape, often decorated by painted boiled eggs.

Tokaj tasting in Paris

Tokaj tasting in Paris Though Sauternes is the most important competitor of Tokaj sweet wines, many French wine people know and like Tokaji Aszú. Hopefully the tasting on 28 November will attract many visitors at Institute Hongrois, Paris. The event is hosted by Vinumregnum in cooperation with a distributor of…

New wine bar in Tokaj

  Taste great wines right “from the Press”  Though Tokaj wine region is an UNESCO World Heritage, for decades it has not been the dream of a tourist. It was hard to find a good restaurant or a nice hotel to stay. The situation has significantly increased, now there are…

Borjour Magnum: grand tasting in Budapest

Date: 11 February, 15.00–21.00 (for professionals 12.00–15.00) Location: Millenáris Park, B Building (Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16–20.) Type of event: informal consumer tasting of more than 200 wineries. „Borjour” is a pun, a game on words: ’bor’ means wine in the Hungarian language, and placed in the French greeting it…

Béres Winery

Motivated by the love of Tokaj and its wines, in 2002 the Béres family decided to create a 45 hectare estate in the heart of the Tokaj Wine Region. The plantations are based on the local white grape varieties, most importantly furmint and hárslevelű.