A Comprehensive Book on Hungarian Wines – Pre-order now!

About the authors The first edition of Terra Benedicta, a comprehensive book on Hungarian wines were published in 2003 by Gabriella Mészáros, Gábor Rohály and András Nagymarosy. Gabriella Mészáros and Gábor Rohály were the ones who initiated professional Hungarian wine education, and they were also the first to obtain accreditaion…

Darányi terem, Furmint éve, Furmintkiválóságok könyve
Once again about the Furmint book

A few days ago we published a piece of news of the new release Furmint book. We still keep getting emails inquiring about some characteristics of the book, so we think it is wise to clarify the main points again.

With his wife and with actor Paul Newman, with whom they met during charity action. Paul Newman is founder of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, and Nimród Kovács is a supporter of the project
A millionaire winemaker with an adventurous life

A millionaire winemaker – it sounds paradox, doesn’t it? As in the old story, one man asks the winemaker how he gained a million. ’Well, I had two millions, and I lost one quickly’. Nimród Kovács wasn’t always rich, he worked hard to become a successful businessman, and now, when he…

New release: book on volcanic soil focusing on Hungary

Second generation Hungarian John Szabo Master Sommelier has just released his new book. As The Drinks Business writes: “Entitled Volcanic Wines: Salt, Grit and Power, the book is thought to be the first to use volcanic soil as the overarching theme to introduce a wide range of grapes and wine regions. As…