borjour magnum

Save the date: a Magnum tasting in February in Budapest

Borjour is a team with several wine projects, mostly tastings, and the largest, more spectacular and more comprehensive of all their activities is the so called Borjour Magnum. Magnum logically stands for the size of the event: it is definitely the largest indoor tasting of Hungarian wines (two wine festivals…

A „Magnum” wine tasting

  More than 200 Hungarian wineries on 17 February Borjour is a team of wine enthusiasts, who organize wine events in a „funky” way – they offer tastings in a river cruise ship, in a roundabout (really!) or in a tunnel deep under the ground. Their largest annual event is…

Borjour Magnum: grand tasting in Budapest

Date: 11 February, 15.00–21.00 (for professionals 12.00–15.00) Location: Millenáris Park, B Building (Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16–20.) Type of event: informal consumer tasting of more than 200 wineries. „Borjour” is a pun, a game on words: ’bor’ means wine in the Hungarian language, and placed in the French greeting it…