Top 10 Hungarian wines by Dr. Matthew Horkey

Exotic Wine Travel founder and co-owner, Dr. Matthew Horkey is a frequent visitor in Hungary, what is more, he and his partner, Charine Tan are working on a new book on Hungary called Discover Hungarian Wines. Matthew and Charine participated in Borjour Magnum, the largest indoor tasting of Hungary, and…

River tasting on the Danube

As life restarts in Hungary, so do the river tastings organized by Borjour team. The first cruise of the season leaves the port at 8 pm on 2nd July. Guests can enjoy the gorgeous view of Budapest and meanwhile taste wines from 8 wineries, for example Grand Tokaj (the head…

Opening wine event at the nicest square in Budapest

Mikszáth Kálmán square is indeed one of the most popular in the Hungarian capital, no wonder Borjour event team has picked the location and has already organized several open air festivals here. Now Hungary is more or less open, people are hungry for events, so Borjour will hold its opening…

In the footsteps of a legend

In the footsteps of a legend Did you know which winery the best value red came from last year? Well, it was Csányi Winery with their Chateau Teleki Merlot 2015. And have you heard of Zsigmond Teleki, founder of Csányi Winery?

The largest indoor tasting of Hungary announced: 15 February

More than 220 wineries under one roof – the really large roof of Millenáris Park– for only one day: this is the 11th edition of Borjour Magnum. This wine event was launched in 2010, and since then Borjour Magnum has gained reputation as the walkabout tasting with the widest selection of Hungarian wineries.

A palota Budapesten, a Stefánia úton látható. A Stefánia Palota eklektikus stílusú épületének tágas belsõ terei, a termek belsõ kiképzése és gazdag díszítése alkalmassá tette reprezentatív fogadások, ünnepségek, társas vacsorák, bálok megrendezésére. Neobarokk, intarziás bútoraival a palota ma is konferenciák, hangversenyek, kiállítások egyedi hangulatú színhelye.
Borjour Buborék – bubbly tasting in Budapest

  A sparkling event to prepare for New Year’s Eve If you haven’t decided what sparkling wine to open to celebrate the last day of the year, Borjour event is a great chance to sample a lot of different wines, and then to buy the chosen ones. On 29 December,…

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