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4th December: International Cabernet Franc Day

Tomorrow this Bodeaux grape variety is celebrated all over the world, following the initiative of a Californian couple.The date is connected to the French Cardinal Richelieu, because he helped spread the variety in the Loire valley, France, and 4 December is the date of his death (in 1642).

Heumann Winery

The estate is located in the area of Siklós in the Hungarian wine region Villány. This Family-owned artisanal winery was founded in the late 1990s by the Swiss-German couple Evelyne and Erhard Heumann and gradually built up since then.

Let’s meet at Wine Square in Szeged!

The south-east city of Szeged is famous for its university, the magnificent dome and the longest annual wine festival in May. Seemingly the longest wine festival is not long enough, since another huge outdoor wine event awaits winlovers between 18–22 September called ’Bortér’ (meaning Wine Square).

Save the date: Franc & Franc in Villány

As Michael Broadbent said, Cabernet Franc has found its home in Villány. Indeed, it gives complex and outstanding wines, thus the wine region created an appellation called Villányi Franc, which is strictly controlled by the board of the region.

Balaton & Blues on 5 July!

Sabar Wine House is one of the best estates in Badacsony wine region, and if you ask for the most active and most creative one, it is undoubtedly Sabar. It is hard to find a „quiet” weekend at their rustic, charming wine estate on Sabar hill, they are always busy with concerts,…

Californian creators of Cab Franc Day go to Villány

Franc & Franc event, 23–24 November As we reported earlier, Cabernet Franc Day was created by a Californian couple, the owners of Dracaena Wines to express their love of the grape variety. This year Lori & Michael Budd will make a presentation as part of Franc & Franc event in Villány, South…

Xavi Roig sommelier is preparing for the tasting
Barcelona meets Villányi Franc!

Cabernet Franc tasting of Villány and Penedés After Vinisud in Montpellier, France, the Spanish wine connoisseurs will have a chance to taste some stunning 100% Cabernet Franc wines from Villány, the so called Villányi Franc wines. Villány producers had been fans of Bordeaux grapes for a while, when they realized…

3rd Franc & Franc International Tasting Day

50 Cabernet Franc wines on 25 November, Villány On 25 November Villány in Southern Hungary will host a magnificent Cabernet Franc tasting again. More than 50 single varietal wines can be tasted in 5 different wineries – therefore it’s not only a tasting, but a lovely excurcios to five spectacular…

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