Hungarian wines full of gold in the USA

Competition is really high in wine sector all over the world, and as a recent article reveiled, competition is super strong in the USA. According to Wine Business Monthly, roughly 90 percent of wine sold in the U.S. comes from the 30 top producers, and more than half of the…

The Hungarian Parliament is to pick their own selection

In Hungary many authorities, institutions and even cities and towns have their „own wine”. The doctors have an annual wine contest to choose the Wine of the Semmelweis University of Medinice, the scientists of all science gather in the Hungarian Academy of Science – and of course have their own…

Bag in box (BIB) wine contest is open for registration

In Hungary bag in box is a relatively new phenomenon, but more and more quality wineries realize that BIB is not necessarily inferior to bottled wines, it is just a useful packaging when people buy wine for a big garden party or other events with expectable large consumption. In the…

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