Networking goes well with wine…

Gróf Buttler Winery in Eger will host a business network event on 13 March. The event is free of charge, and it sounds really promising: the main guest is Tamás Leisztinger, a billionair, a successful Hungarian businessman with a wide portfolio, originally a theoretical physicist. He is also involved in the football…

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Celebrate the blood!

  Bikavér Feast in Eger, 5–8 July Don’t be afraid, this 4 day happening is not a pagan ceremony of sacrificing a bull! On the contrary, the Hungarian name of the event – Bikavér Ünnep – has a more elevated meaning. Festivals are about being together and having fun, while a celebration…

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Top 5 Kékfrankos for summer nights

Gold medals from X. International Kékfranos Contest The city of Szekszárd hosts a biannual conference focusing on Kékfrankos grape variety, and the conference is also the event when the biannual international Kékfrankos contest results are announced. This jubilee contest is an extra occassion: 2018 is the official Year of Kékfrankos grape. Kékfrankos is…

50 bottles of perfect harmony – KNW Grand Bleu

Icon wine from the highest Kékfrankos of Central Europe Nagy Eged mountain in Eger wine region is one of the most precious wine growing area of Hungary. As dr. Gábor Rohály wein akademiker stated: „Nagy Eged is a unique terroir, it cannot be compared to anything. When we talk about Burgundy, we do not…

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Grand Kékfrankos Tasting in Budapest

21 April, Hotel Gellért If you think you know this grape variety, try to do our small, 5 minute quiz! Not the best results? No problem, participate in the next huge tasting of the grape variety in Budapest, and you will surely become an expert of this beautiful variety.

Hungarian wine tasting in Warsaw, Poland

8 brilliant wines on 18 April There is an old saying: “Hungarian and Polish – two great friends”. And indeed, a latest example is this tasting of next week. Łukasz Ostrowski wine expert spent his honeymoon in Hungary, and though it was 12 years ago, he still cherishes goof memories…

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