The Island of Freedom – with Balaton wines

Have you heard about the Island of Freedom? In Hungarian we call it Sziget (which means island, of course), and it’s the father, the ancestor of all festivals in the country. It’s our Woodstock, our Glastonbury, a festival attended by parents with nostalgy, by youngsters with curiosity and by tourists…

Hárslevelű Wine Competition results are out!

The National Hárslevelű Wine Competition took place on Friday, June 23, 2017. Wines from numerous wine regions in several categories were nominated for the competition. The results have shown once again that some level of residual sugar helps to bring out the best in Hárslevelű.

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Temetjük a pezsgősflőtét?

„Nem az ünnepeket átkozom, csak a flőtét” Anne Krebiehl MW Budapesten is tartott már előadást (2015-ben a VinCE Budapesten), és a fiatalabb Master of Wine szakértők közül az egyik legtöbbet publikáló borszakíró, a Wine Enthusiast és más lapok rendszeres szerzője. A brit Decanter hasábjain vetette fel a flőte-ellenes jelenséget, mondván,…

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Zoo, music and Szekszárd wine this summer in Budapest

As Best of Budapest reported, this year, in addition to the great line-up of concerts every Wednesday for 2 months at the Budapest Zoo, visitors now have a chance to taste wines from 8 different Szekszárd wineries before the concerts, adding an extra dimension to an already exceptional evening. Expecting…

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