From right to left: János Eszterbauer, Ferenc Takler and the members of the band Photo: Dénes Mártonfai / TEOL
Rock band releases Szekszárd wine

Omega & Eszterbauer & Takler There is a legendary song called White Dove by the world famous German rock band, Scorpions. Originally it was a Hungarian song by Omega rock band, and the original title was „Girl with pearl hair”.

Grand – top of the top blends From Szekszárd

Only a few bottles left of Eszterbauer Grand The most versatile wine region of Hungary, Szekszárd has created a new community label, the so called Grand.  It has to be a blend of the top lots of a winery, from only exceptional vintages, bottled in a bottle designed especially for Grand wines.

working harvest
“The story is crucial for a successful brand”

California – a highly competitive market – Being the Californian sales manager of Blue Danube, you are in the wine heart of the United States. Are you a fan of Californian wines? – Absolutely. Much of what I’ve been humbled by, learned from and still love to drink are Californian wines. Equally…

Bikavér Duel on 2 March

  Fruitful rivalry of two Bull’s Blood region In terms of international recognition ’Bikavér’ (Bull’s Blood) is second only to Tokaj Aszú among Hungarian wine brands. Part of its appeal derives from its versatility when it comes to matching food. Taste Bikavér wines from 33 wineries on 2 March at…

Super 12 white and red wines

  The best Hungarian wines according to wine writers The Circle of Hungarian Wine Writers was founded in 2016, and it has 26 members. Apart from working on making wine media a better phenomenon, the Circle organizes an annual wine competition. The first contest was held in 2016, results can…

Eszterbauer winery
Eszterbauer – readers’ favourite winery

  A place in Szekszárd full of love and good wines International wine competitions are important, they measure quality in objective circumstances. Awards are precious, they are evidences of high standards. But when it comes to the consumers’ opinion, we must realize, that this is the most valuable acknowledgement one…

The photo is only illustration
Baby boom in Szekszárd

Szekszárd wine region in Hungary is especially good at working together for the same goal. The second generation of the big names are youngsters, who probably attended the same grammar school or went together to the university of viticulture. These young winemakers have common activites – recently they all gave…