Meet Zsuzsa Babarczi at the 3rd Hungarian Gettogether will organize “the garden party of Hungarian wine” again, on 16 August. It is a lucky date – in Hungary events are allowed only after the 15th August. The venue is Patricius Winery, which happens to celebrate its 20th birthday this year. 300 invited winelovers and professionals gather to…

Another amazing event – thanks to all of you!

Our 2nd Hungarian Gettogether took place on 16 August, and it was again a pleasure to meet so many wine enthusiasts. Thank you for coming! There were 214 participants in Csetvei Garden, and we shared the joy of tasting Babarczi wines from Pannonhalma, Borbély and Sabar wines from Badacsony, Csányi / Teleki wines from Villány, Etyeki Kúria…

EzerYO at the 2nd Hungarian Gettogether

Have you ever tasted Ezerjó? It is an indigenous Hungarian grape almost exclusively grown in Mór wine region, the second smallest wine region. It is hard to „tame” it because of its relatively high acidity, but in good hands it can give great wines.

Fotók: Karvaly Bence
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