Save the date: a Magnum tasting in February in Budapest

Borjour is a team with several wine projects, mostly tastings, and the largest, more spectacular and more comprehensive of all their activities is the so called Borjour Magnum. Magnum logically stands for the size of the event: it is definitely the largest indoor tasting of Hungarian wines (two wine festivals…

Borbély Winery

One family, two generations Borbély Family Winery is indeed a winery of which duties the whole family takes part in: both the founder Gyula and his wife, Gabriella, and both the second generation represented by Tamás and Diána.

Sauska48 (Villány)
The 5 most beloved wineries of Pannon wine region

Pannon broader wine region consits of Villány, Szekszárd, Pécs and Tolna regions. Pécsi Borozó, the most important regional wine magazine organized its readers survey for the second time to select the favourite wineries, restaurants and wine accommodations of the readers. This year 523 votes were given, and the award ceremony…

Tűzkő Estate

The history of Tűzkő Estate dates back to the beginning of the 1990s when Hungary went through some groundbreaking political and economic changes. This transformation created real market conditions and opened up the county for foreign investors as well. 

7 amazing Christmas gift for winelovers

For Christmas we want to give something special to our winelover friends, a unique wine selection, a hand made chocolate paired with wine or an unforgettable wine experience. Look at our list with 7 perfect wine gifts. Celebrate with the thousand flavours of Hungary!

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