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Feel the sunshine and order a fabulous meal

Webcam and grill buffet at Gróf Buttler Winery Booking a wine tasting at an unknown winery is always risky, and it is especially risky for tour operators or guides who book for a bigger group. Gróf Buttler Winery is always keen on intruducing innovations, for example from now you can…

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Grand Kékfrankos Tasting in Budapest

21 April, Hotel Gellért If you think you know this grape variety, try to do our small, 5 minute quiz! Not the best results? No problem, participate in the next huge tasting of the grape variety in Budapest, and you will surely become an expert of this beautiful variety.

Photo : Gabor Szinok
The land of stars and blood

The same climate as that of Burgundy Maybe this is the most often cited attribute of Eger wine region, but not the only one. A historic, 1000 year old wine region around the famous city of Eger, the city of legends. Eger might not be the most famous, but it…

Amazing Kadarka from the highest vineyard of Hungary

  Gróf Buttler Kadarka Superior from Nagy-Eged mountain Hungary is not a mountainous country, thus our highest spots are not so high like for example in Switzerland or Argentina, but still there are some peaks we might talk about. Mátra wine region has some higher altitude vineyards, but Eger wine…

Borjour Magnum: grand tasting in Budapest

Date: 11 February, 15.00–21.00 (for professionals 12.00–15.00) Location: Millenáris Park, B Building (Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16–20.) Type of event: informal consumer tasting of more than 200 wineries. „Borjour” is a pun, a game on words: ’bor’ means wine in the Hungarian language, and placed in the French greeting it…

Blind Date – a creative wine dinner in Budapest

Kollázs is a trendy, rather new place to be in the capital of Hungary. Cosy atmospthere, superb service, interesting wine list, quality ingredients. „Vibrant and inspiring, yet casual and affordable, Kollázs Brasserie & Bar is a contemporary brasserie in a landmark Budapest location, overlooking the Chain Bridge and the Danube…

Hungarian Wines tomorrow and after in Beijing, China

The capital of China is the home of the 1st BRWC, Belt & Road Wine and Spirit Competition. Belt & Road refers to the ancient Chinese Silk Road, which connected nations and was a major trade route. Belt also refers to Fangshan wine region, where there is a belt of young, ambitious…

The Winery
Gróf Buttler Winery

The Gróf Buttler Winery was founded in Eger in 1999. Our oenological phylisophy is making perfect wine in keeping with the features of the land and with the least possible intervention. Today we grow vine on 36 hectares of land and our wine is exclusively made from the grapes harvested…