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Unique flavour experience – straight to your home

Thanks God home delivery is still working in most countries – though social media is full of stories about couriers (leaving boxes on the doorstep for hours, escaping without signatures etc). Meanwhile wine professionals warn us not to start drinking too early, consume wine moderately.

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Wine of the week: Egri Kadarka Superior 2018

We are – like many others – staying closed in quarantine. Telling stories, playing games and thanks God, tasting good wines. This Kadarka from Tóth Ferenc Winery is a beautiful example of the variety. Spicy and scented on the nose, and adorable, silky texture, a full basket of raspberry on…

An easy-to-make delicacy with poppyseed

Poppyseed in crucial in Hungary. When we joined the EU, banning the use of poppyseed was an issue, and to calm things down, the government had to demonstrate that yes, we are allowed to go on cooking with poppyseed – so we had an EU festival with free “mákos guba”…

Happy birthday, Riesling!

Did you know? 13 March is the birthday of Germany’s most celebrated grape. Wines of Germany started to celebrate it only last year – but it does not mean that the variety is only one year old, of course. In fact Germany’s star grape is at least 585 year old,…

25 year old reductive wines? Yes!

I would not recommend them if I hadn’t tried them myself. But some years ago I had the opportunity to taste white wines of more than one decade and even some older ones with Ákos Kamocsay, chief winemaker of Hilltop Winery.

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Deciphering our – sometimes awkward – labels

Thank you Exotic Wine Travel! Your video posted last Sunday is a real help to us. We know that our language sounds and looks strange, no one can understand us (as Matthew pointed out in the video, even the word ‘wine’ is totally different in Hungarian: ‘bor’).

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