The best brains of Hungary drink Pinot Gris…

…and some other wines, too. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences has an annual wine contest. The 2019 edition has been held recently, it was the 10th Academy wine selection, and this year 142 wines entered from 48 wineries. 7 wines were awarded the prestigious title „The Wine of the Academy”. The majority…

WIne and Christmas Lights
Tokaji Aszú & Sparkling Wines at the end of the year

Exclusive tasting in Buddha-Bar, Budapest On 27 December the coolest hotel of Budapest, Buddha-Bar will host a festive tasting. The event is scheduled around Christmas season, because during Christmas we tend to consume more of our precious golden Tokaji Aszú, while on New Year’s Eve it’s high time for sparkling wines.

The scholars love the „French Style”

Two Hungarian Universities selected the same red blend The University of Pécs organizes an annual wine contest to select the white and red wine of the university. The white winner is Tribus Cuvée 2017 by the university’s viticulture and oneology research centre, while the red winner is the so called…

Tounge twister or refreshing pleasure?

11 July, Budapest, Duna broader wine region tasting Cserszegi Fűszeres is a grape variety indigenous in Hungary, and indeed it sounds like a tounge twister for a foreigner. It is a crossing between Irsai Oliver and Red Traminer. The word ‘cserszegi’ refers to the village, where Károly Bakonyi, the creator lived. ‘Fűszeres’ means spicy,…

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