Sustainable fine dining in the vineyard

This table below is waiting for those food and wine connoisseurs, who care about our planet and who are seeking something unique, the “one in a million” wine event. As we reported earlier this year, Kristinus Wine Estate is proceeding well with its conversion into a biodynamic estate. With its…

New orange wine by Kristinus

Kristinus Wine Estate in Balatonboglár wine region (South Balaton) is in the middle of convertion into biodynamic, as we wrote earlier in our article “No more gas masks!”. On the journey to more natural, Kristinus has created its first orange wine of 100% Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris).

An easy-to-make delicacy with poppyseed

Poppyseed in crucial in Hungary. When we joined the EU, banning the use of poppyseed was an issue, and to calm things down, the government had to demonstrate that yes, we are allowed to go on cooking with poppyseed – so we had an EU festival with free “mákos guba”…

No more gas masks!

Kristinus, another biodynamic wine estate Is there any relation between „post-communist syndromes” and biodynamic grape growing? I have started to wonder recently about this, because all Hungarian biodynamic producers have come from abroad. Is it because we, Hungary-born citizens are „vaccinated” against innovation?

Love story in the wine hotel!

Kristinus Estate near Lake Balaton has every reason to be chosen for the most memorable moment of life: bistrot with creative kitchen, comfortable rooms with unique design, an in house wine cinema and of course wines that make you feel over the moon. The magnum bottle Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 is…

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