A „Magnum” wine tasting

  More than 200 Hungarian wineries on 17 February Borjour is a team of wine enthusiasts, who organize wine events in a „funky” way – they offer tastings in a river cruise ship, in a roundabout (really!) or in a tunnel deep under the ground. Their largest annual event is…

State of art restaurant in picturesque valley

  Lajvér Wine House, Szekszárd Lajvér is probably the most well known for their modern winery and their innovative approach, but the peculiar blends made only by Lajvér – like their Cuvée Blanc from Sauvignon Blanc and the aromatic Cserszegi Fűszeres – also come to mind when mentioning this wine…

Autumn Picnic in Etyek

The vineyard of Budapest, Etyek hosts a so called Picnic four times a year, one in every season. The upcoming one on 2–3 September is going to be the 20th occassion. For the anniversary the location called „GastroPath” (’Gasztrosétány’) has been renewed, but the atmosphere is the same: cellars open…

International Rosé Day is coming!

Obscure origin Many calendars insist on 14 August being the International Rosé Day, though it is hard to find evidence. The United States of America – from where almost all days originate from Valentine to Father’s Day, and also wine days, like Cabernet Franc day – has its own national…

Let’s go picnic this weekend! Etyek Summer Picnic

Date: 10-11 June Location: Újhegy, Etyek, Hungary Type of event: open air festival Etyek is often mentioned as the „vineyard of the capital”, being so close to Budapest that it is worth going there for a glass of wine. Újhegy is a row of cellars in Etyek, where the Picnic…

A country of rosé wines?

Hungary has an outdoor music festival called Sziget (meaning Island), which has won several awards so far. The monstre annual August event takes place on 9–16 August this year, but on the very first day (the so called zero day) the American star, Pink will give the first show. Around…

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