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A Comprehensive Book on Hungarian Wines – Pre-order now!

About the authors The first edition of Terra Benedicta, a comprehensive book on Hungarian wines were published in 2003 by Gabriella Mészáros, Gábor Rohály and András Nagymarosy. Gabriella Mészáros and Gábor Rohály were the ones who initiated professional Hungarian wine education, and they were also the first to obtain accreditaion…

Celebrate Pinot Noir today!

Like every other „wine day”, Pinot Noir Day also originates in the United States. We wrote about the International Rosé Day and why it has been probably created, and we could also find out how Cabernet Franc Day was announced in the USA. Pinot Noir day might have something to…

The „Beauty Queen” of the Month from Eger

VinCE Magazine, Hungary’s market leading print wine magazine is published monthly, and famous for its rigorous and reliable panel tastings. This month – August issue – the best of the new release section is a dry white wine made of Leányka indigenous grape. What’s the news in in? Well, the…

Darányi terem, Furmint éve, Furmintkiválóságok könyve
Once again about the Furmint book

A few days ago we published a piece of news of the new release Furmint book. We still keep getting emails inquiring about some characteristics of the book, so we think it is wise to clarify the main points again.

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Pálinka – the Hungarian ’eau de vie’

Why do we think of ’pálinka’, the Hungarian national spirit in the heat of the summer? Because wherever we look, ripening fruits smile back to us, the only ingredient of ’pálinka’. It’s the busiest season for distilleries, cherries have already been done, apricot is distilled, and the first grapes will…

A sparkling evening in Hotel Gellért, Budapest

Date: 24 August, 2017, 18.00–22.00 Location: Hotel Gellért, Szent Gellért tér 2., Budapest Type of event: informal consumer tasting of different sparkling wines Sparkling wine is an ever increasing trend all over the world, and also in Hungary. Whether méthode traditionnelle bottle aged serious quality or a simple, refreshing areated…

International Rosé Day is coming!

Obscure origin Many calendars insist on 14 August being the International Rosé Day, though it is hard to find evidence. The United States of America – from where almost all days originate from Valentine to Father’s Day, and also wine days, like Cabernet Franc day – has its own national…

Michelin tire company buys Robert Parker Wine Advocate

Well, not the whole company, but a 40% stake. As Wine Advocate newsletter announced yesterday: „We are very excited to inform you that Michelin, the globally renowned tire company and name behind the world’s leading guide to quality restaurants, MICHELIN guide, announces today its acquisition of a 40% stake in…

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