Happy Birthday, Zsolt Gere!

At the beginning of my career I made a big mistake: I wrote an incorrect caption under Zsolt and his father, Tamás Gere’s photo. There are more winemakers with the name Gere, and it caused some confusion – at least in my head. Long time have passed since that, we…

csaba cuvée
Wine of the Week: Csaba Cuvée

Csaba is an ancient Hungarian name, some claim that the first Csaba was Prince Csaba, son of medieval Attila, the Hun, while according to others Csaba is a name with Turkish origin meaning pastor or gift.

‘Crazy good’ wine made of Nero

Néró is a grape variety selected in Hungary in 1965 by two oenologists, József Csizmazia and László Beleznai. The name refers to the deep colour of the berry, but also the crazy Roman Emperor. The grape is resistant, therefore chemical spraying is not needed. Another advantage of Néro is that…