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Sparkling wine festival in Budapest

Sándor Petőfi, the renowned poet and an importnt character of the revolution of 1848–49 must have popped in this event to cheer with a glass of bubbly. He liked wine, it is clearly known from his poems. Now his statue stands in Március 15. square near the River Danube, where…

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Balaton at Meininger Wine Business

Now, that Europe is open again – at least for EU citizens –, a comprehensive article has just been published in the 3 / 2020 issue of Meininger Wine Business magazine, with a little help from us, The 3 page article written by Anton Moiseenko is full of details,…

Gere Attila Crocus wine hotel is open again!

If you like subtle interior, elegant, yet relaxed style, and if you like enjoying spa treatments with top quality grape seed products, your place is 4 star Crocus Hotel in Villány. Now their Gourmet offer includes a degustation dinner and a ‘Classic’ tasting with 7 Gere Attila wines. Mandula, the…

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Dobosi Winery

  Three century-long tradition Dobosi winery is a family business that was established in the early 1700s, currently cultivates 26.5 hectares of vines in Balatonfüred–Csopak wine region in Szentantalfa, located in the picturesque Nivegy Valley, which is 5 kilometres away from Lake Balaton, between Zánka and Nagyvázsony A nearly three…

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