What does Santa do in January? He drinks rosé!

There is a funny-but-serious rosé wine competition in Hungary. Funny, because it takes place on the nameday of Santa Claus (in Hungary every day is dedicated to a different Christian name), on 6 December, and funny, because all the invited experts in the jury are called Claus (Miklós in Hungarian).

Ganz im Zeichen ihres Slogans „To Another Great Year“ setzt die ProWein vom 19. bis 21. März 2017 neue Maßstäbe: Auf die Fachleute der internationalen Wein- und Spirituosenbranche warten dieses Mal mehr als 6.300 Aussteller aus 60 Nationen, darunter alle relevanten Weinbauregionen dieser Welt plus einer Auswahl von etwa 400 Spirituosen-Spezialitäten. Rund die Hälfte aller Aussteller kommt aus Frankreich und Italien. Sie sind wie die anderen Länder mit allen relevanten Weinregionen vertreten - von den Abruzzen bis Venetien; von Bordeaux bis Sud-Ouest. Zu den weiteren Top-Ausstellernationen gehören Deutschland, Übersee, Spanien, Österreich und Portugal. Dazu gibt es zahlreiche Neuentdeckungen wie das Weingut Dos Hemisferios aus Ecuador, Pico Wines von den Azoren oder das Weingut Turnau aus Polen. Premiere feiert die Asian Wine Producers Association, die eine Vielzahl asiatischer Winzer vereint und spannende Einblicke in das Thema Wein aus Asien verspricht. Das bewährt starke Segment Biowein mit zahlreichen Ausstellern und allen internationalen Bio-Verbänden bekommt weiter Zuwachs, unter anderem mit der Sonderschau „Organic World“ mit rund 30 internationalen Ausstellern – hauptsächlich aus Europa. | 
Very much in line with its slogan “To Another Great Year” ProWein from 19 to 21 March 2017 is setting new standards. Specialists in the international wine and spirits sector will be met by more than 6,300 exhibitors from 60 nations, including all relevant winegrowing regions of the world – a total of 295 – plus a selection of some 400 spirits specialities. About half of all exhibitors come from France and Italy. Like other countries they are represented with all relevant wine regions – from the Abruzzi to Veneto and from Bordeaux to the Sud-Ouest. Other top exhibitor nations include Germany, the New World, Spain, Austria and Portugal. These are joined by numerous new discoveries like the Dos Hemisferios winery from Ecuador, Pico Wines from t
More than 60 Hungarian wineries at ProWein

The largest and most important trade fair of Europe and of the world is coming closer. On 17–19 March an impressive Hungarian community booth of almost 500 square metres await members of trade to taste our unique wines of unique grapes. Happy Hungarian Wines represents a good bunch of wineries and Villány wine…

A distilled challenge of Etyeki Kúria

The state of art winery in Etyek wine region, near Budapest is the favourite of many Hungarian and foreign wine geeks. Its tasting room and terrace with fabulous view of the surrounding vineyards, their small and big events attract thousands of visitors every year.

Fall in love with Furmint in London!

February is the month of Furmint, a fabulous indigenous variety of ours. This year thank to Wines of Hungary and their enthusiastic work, Londoners can also enjoy the beauties of Furmint. The campaign has two main parts: winelovers can win a case of Furmint with a selfie or photo, while trade members can win a trip…

Miraculous land with wine in the air

Is it fiction? Is this land real? Yes it is, all the photos in this article are taken around lake Balaton, the largest lake of Central Europe, mainly in Badacsony wine region, on the north coast of the lake. Professional photos can make a place more attractive – you may think. Well,…

Vesztergombi Cellar

The family coat of arms All the old cities with rich history have families that live, age and renew together with the place, Vesztergombi is a family like this. The family coat of arms used on their labels, comes from the early 1700s. This serves as evidence that the family…

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