The most beautiful volcano of the largest lake

Badacsony tasting in New York Palace, Budapest, 14 April Lake Balaton is the largest lake of the European continent, and one of the most emblematic photos of the lake shows Badacsony mountain as it mounts above the light blue water surface. However the lake is not only an accessory of…

Super 12 white and red wines

  The best Hungarian wines according to wine writers The Circle of Hungarian Wine Writers was founded in 2016, and it has 26 members. Apart from working on making wine media a better phenomenon, the Circle organizes an annual wine competition. The first contest was held in 2016, results can…

Do not miss colourful Hungary at Prowein!

18–20 March, Düsseldorf, Germany Prowein is „The wine exhibition”, the No 1 meeting place for wine trade. The German exhibition is organized in a German way: precisely, thoroughly, perfectly. Plus they always have something new and interesting. This year the so called „wine scouts” will make a buzz:  “International sommeliers,…

Clash of the Titans
Zeus – a Greek god and a Hungarian grape

Everyone knows that Zeus was the king of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympos, but how many of you have heard of Zeus, the Hungarian grape variety? If not, no wonder, Zeus is grown only in a small amount (less than 20 hectares) in a tiny country. It is…

View from the Winery
Let’s go to Szent György hill tomorrow!

Endre Szászi has been growing grapes on Szent György hill in Badacsony wine region for over 15 years. He cultivates his vineyards organically and so does he make his wines. His estate is in a spectacular spot offering breathtaking view from the garden of his tiny tasting house and rustic…

5 winter shelters with spas and wines

This has been the most severe winter of the decade in many countries of Europe, so has it in Hungary with minus degrees Celsius continually. The best solution to survive until the bear comes out of his cave is to escape to a place with healthy hot spas and healthy…

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