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25th Kadarka International Grand Prix

Kadarka is an indigenous black grape of the Carpathian Basin. It gives a light red, spicy and fruity, easly to drink wine, but in case of developed viticultural practices Kadarka can produce fuller bodied wine with ageing potential. Let us introduce you the winners of the 25th international Kadarka contest!

3 superb “golden” red wine by Berliner Wine Trophy

The German competition claims to be the largest international contest under OIV patronage, and it also claims to be one of the strictest ones: “With the self-imposed limit of 7,000 submissions each in February and July, the BWT is the first international wine contest that has introduced a limit for…

And the bulls keep fighting…

Two wine regions are allowed to make the world famous Bull’s Blood blend in Hungary, though as a consequence of the mass production of the communist era, Bull’s Blood is rather infamous, therefore now quality producers prefer using the Hungarian term ‘Bikavér’ to avoid wrong connotations.

Multi-award winner Garamvári Winery at VinCE Budapest

VinCE Budapest Wine Show is a wine event organized annually, now for the 11th time on 3–4 April. This year the event focuses on natural wines and organizers expect more exhibitors from neighbouring countries (for example visitors can taste wines of Movia from Slovenia, Dorli Muhr, Kracher and Schiefer Pur…

Wine duett dinner at Araz – the original

Continental Hotel Budapest is one of the best places to stay – this recommendation is based on several personal experiences. 4 star but feels more with its spacious rooms, glamorous lobby, chic café and breath taking wellness venue on the top.

25 year old reductive wines? Yes!

I would not recommend them if I hadn’t tried them myself. But some years ago I had the opportunity to taste white wines of more than one decade and even some older ones with Ákos Kamocsay, chief winemaker of Hilltop Winery.

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Deciphering our – sometimes awkward – labels

Thank you Exotic Wine Travel! Your video posted last Sunday is a real help to us. We know that our language sounds and looks strange, no one can understand us (as Matthew pointed out in the video, even the word ‘wine’ is totally different in Hungarian: ‘bor’).

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