tokaji aszu

Photo credit: Furmint Photo
International Aszú Day from Budapest to Taiwan

Celebrate with Tokaji Aszú and foie gras On the 10th of December, 2018 we are celebrating the second Aszú Day. Be an ambassador of Tokaj Aszú on this day, purchase a bottle of Tokaj Aszú, ask for it in your favourite restaurant or uncork one at home and prepare a…

A refreshing cocktail made of Tokaji Aszú

  Golden Smash by mixer Matthias Friedlein Are you crazy? – you might think reading the title. The sweet, elaborated white wine of Tokaj is not best choice in the summer heat– though it can be a good aperitif when chilled at summer evening parties. Matthias Friedlein German mixer and blogger created…

Grand Tokaj

The company was founded by the Hungarian State in 1948 and has been in her ownership ever since. The winery known as Tokaj Kereskedőház after 1993 has changed it’s name to Grand Tokaj in 2016 to emphasise the company’s all-time key role in the Tokaj Wine Region and to announce…