The two best Hungarian reds according to Andreas Larsson

Did you know that the extension ‘wine’ can also be added to your domains nowadays? Get rid of the boring .com or .org, isn’t it cooler to have .wine? Well, the Swedish wine expert, world champion sommelier’s website has the cool extension, and it tells a lot about the devotion…

5 harvest facts for beginners

Vylyan Vineyard and Winery is an outstanding estate in Villány wine region. Obviously, the harvest period is the most important time of the year for them, and now they have collected five questions and answered them so that winelovers could have a better understanding of the importance of the harvest.

Blue Secret, Gold Medal

German Mundus Mini wine competition has announced the results of its latest Summer Tasting. “A total of 120 wine experts tasted and evaluated almost 4,500 wines from all over the world over four days. The results are impressive: 13 Grand Gold, 919 Gold and 849 Silver medals were awarded by…

Happy Birthday, Zsolt Gere!

At the beginning of my career I made a big mistake: I wrote an incorrect caption under Zsolt and his father, Tamás Gere’s photo. There are more winemakers with the name Gere, and it caused some confusion – at least in my head. Long time have passed since that, we…

Bock Contest
The winemaker’s son gets gold medal

József Bock, founder and owner of Bock Cellar must be very proud now: his son, Valér Bock has been making wines for a while at the family estate, and now his blend, Bock Libra 2015 has received a gold medal at French Citadelle du Vin wine competition. Altogether Hungary received…

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