Do you know Zweigelt grape?

Zweigelt is the most widely planted black grape of Austria with more than 6500 hectares, and the 2nd largest Zweigelt grower country is Hungary with more than 2400 hectares. Due to the Nazi past of the breeder, it was suggested to change to name to Blue Monday.

Bükk – a wine region to be discovered

The 22nd reason to come to Hungary The north-east part of Hungary boasts the most valuable vineyards: we have Tokaj, the wines of the kings, king of the wines here, and another famous wine region, Eger, which is the second most visited destination for wine tourists after Tokaj. But what lies between…

Wine Bottle with the winning design

Kreatív Group, Hungary’s leading news portal and print magazine of creative industry has organized its package contest, called PAKK for the 9th time. Wine was a category of special importance, and the winning bottle is from Etyeki Kúria. The Zweigelt label – and all the others of the winery – was…