TR Winery

The three of us…

As young wine enthusiasts, we aspire to revitalize Tállya – a village in the Tokaj Wine Region – and its surroundings since 2013. The three of us are coming from different backgrounds. However, wine has always been a common point, let’s say a passion that we are curious to explore by consuming and producing it with great pleasure.

We currently cultivate the 15-40 years old vines of the Palota Vineyard on 3.5 hectares. We grow the local Tokaj wine grapes, Furmint and Hárslevelű. We love the firm acidity and minerality that the Furmint gives together with the flowery, balanced structure of the Hárslevelű.

Our wines from this vineyard follow the style of the new wave of Tokaj’s vintages, complementing them with a youthful verve and experimentation with lighter tones.

Winemaking starts at the vineyard…

We believe in the power of viticulture, that’s where we concentrate most of our efforts to get the best quality grape. We are in the transition towards ecological viticulture. We respectfully treat the vines and the land, that is our way to be thankful for the nature at every harvest time.

We insist on the highest of quality and focus on using winemaking methods that allow our wines to show the varietal characteristics of the grapes as well as their terroir to the fullest. Tokaj is about natural sweetness, therefore it’s an honour and duty to show it to a wider audience.

Our winery is still small, but we hope – with relentlessly hard work – to continuously develop our presence amongst the region’s winemakers and wine lovers inside and outside of Hungary.

All right, but what does TR stand for?

Well, it’s easy to pronounce, not only in Hungarian, but in foreign languages also. J Joking aside, we have been implementing some radical changes in terms of viticulture and winemaking, therefore, we named ourselves as the Tállya Radicals at the Tokaj Region. And we love BoTRytis which is the key of the natural sweetness of Tokaj.

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Anikó Kada
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Wines from the Winery
TR dry furmint 2017

TR Furmint 2017

 Crytsal clear lemon colour on the appearance. On the nose citrics, white flowers and quince. On the palate there is some peach, almonds and minerals from the volcanic soil together with pear and green apple. Very soft and light barrel notes. It has the body, the acidity and a bit of residual sugar that makes it excellent for pairing in gastronomy. 

TR sweet 2016

TR Édes 2016

 A light sweet late harvest with a focus on the balance of the residual sugar content and its fine acidity. Chrystal clear yellow colour on the appearance. On the nose tropical fruits and peach. On the palate there are the same fruits together with pineapple and maracuja. Fine and light barrel usage. 

TR Szamorodni 2014

TR Szamorodni 2014

 Clear gold appearance. On the nose the peach is dominant, on the palate there is mango, apricot, tea and botrytis. Sweet spices, candied citrus peel. Vibrant sugar-acidity ‘play’ that makes the wine eligible for aging. It has a long finish and a very soft, elegant barrel usage.