Trendy places obviously focuses on wine, therefore wine bars and wine restaurants are featured frequently. However, we have realized that Hungary has several exciting, though not wine centered places. Craft beer is a hot topic, the national spirit, ‘pálinka’ is another story to tell, and we have many fabulous restaurants, bistros and bars, which are worth recommending – even if wine is not a key element of their concept

Nyereg – a “culturbistro” in the City Park of Budapest

When the idea of the Nyereg was born, the founders wanted to create a peaceful oasis where children, adults and forever youngsters may find a place where they can spend their time together. Nowadays guests can enjoy the harmony of the Park and the feeling of the culturbistro among the old oaks and willows at the center of Budapest second biggest park.

The building in which the family and dog-friendly restaurant is located came a long way through centuries, and as the oldest building of the City Park is its own living history. The cultural heritage once served as the side building of the Artesian Bath. Later on, it was the capital’s first holiday hotel where travellers who arrived from far away had the opportunity to take a rest, but for a couple years, the civil guards also used it as a cavalrypatrol. Years went by and the building eventually became one of the most popular meeting spots in Budapest.

Arrive on foot, by bike, by running or even on horseback, our gates are always open for you.

Budapest, Városliget krt. 2. (by the lake of the City Park)

St. Andrea Skybar – Budapest lies at your feet!

Budapest is among the top 25 European tourist destinations (Trip Advisor, No 17), and there is a sky bar where all the beauty of the city lies at our feet. What’s more, this bar, St. Andrea Skybar boasts superb selection of wines in every aspect. Skybar, located on top of a UNESCO World Heritage building is open all year and awaits guests with coctails, bar food and stunning wines.

Sounds like a prayer, doesn’t it? With reason.

Budapest, Városliget krt. 2. (by the lake of the City Park)