Vylyan Winery


Hungary’s most famous red wine growing region. In addition to the unique features of the terroir, the soul of the wines and the charm of this wine region is given by centuries-old wine tradition, the famous Villány cooperation, the faith and work of people living here. The hills run east to west, thus the vineyards are protected from the north wind. This region enjoys the highest number of sunny hours and the warmest average temperatures in the country. The limestone bedrock, with loess and clay topsoil makes a good base for producing wines with personality.


We believe that the quality of wine is mainly determined by the grape. Fine wine can be made only with excellent grapes since we start with the fundaments even when building a house. We believe in nature, each other and ourselves. All of our knowledge and belief is embodied here. From the beginning, our goal is to make the best possible wine. The best of our knowledge represents the guarantee behind the wines bearing  the Vylyan label as we are well aware that trust is of great value. We believe that all the care, love and care we “put into” wine will be  experienced by the wine consumer, as well.  We are confident that those who consume our wines (in moderation) will somehow become a better person.


The head of the winery is Mónika Debreczeni. With her husband they started Vylyan Winery together, then after the unexpected death of Pál in 2004,  she  took  over  the  management  of  the estate.  Economist, member of the international WSET wine academy (Wine and Spirit Education Trust, London). The technical director and winemaker Istvan  Ipacs  Szabo is the chief winemaker of the Vylyan Vineyard and Winery in a great professional team is responsible for daily operations in the estate and the winery.


Our most memorable acknowledgements:

  • According to Michel Bettane, Vylyan Pinot Noir 1999 is the best Pinot Noir outside Burgundy he has ever tasted.
  • VYLYAN winery was selected among the best wineries of the world in “The World’s Greatest Wines” edited by the most influential French wine critics:   Bettaneand  Desseauve!
  • Our Pinot  Noir  2004  won  the Regional  Trophy for  Middle-and Eastern European wines (among 7 countries) at the DECANTER World Wine Awards in 2006 London.
  • Vylyan Winery was granted “Winery of  the  year” in Hungary  and  in the same year in Denmark in 2008
The Winery
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Pillango vineyard
Wines from the Winery
Vylyan Macska 2018
Vylyan Macska 2018

Vylyan Macska 2018

A thirst- quenchingly fruity, nice, and  easygoing wine  that  “purrs” abd flatters – a wine   that  feels good  to drink every  day . The varietal specific red berries on the nose are rounded off by a combination of sour cherry, plum and sloe on the palate. Its tannins are soft and velvety.

Vylyan Ördög 2015
Vylyan Ördög 2015

Vylyan Ördög / Belzebub 2015

 The ripe fruitiness evokes the notes of plum, blueberry and blackberry, while the spiciness reflects notes of cinnamon and cardamom. In the aftertaste the taste and texture reminiscent of cocoa powder also appear.

Vylyan Kékfrankos 2015
Vylyan Kékfrankos 2015

Vylyan Premium Kékfrankos 2015

 Lively and complex Blaufränkisch with lovely varietal notes. Clear, deep and lively from the opening aromas to the long finish. The trademark of the Blaufränkisch is the ripe black sour-cherry, which is enriched with gentle barrel spices. Capable of long bottle aging, recommended for fans of unique tastes 

Vylyan Premium Villányi Franc 2015

Vylyan Premium Villányi Franc 2015

This wine displays a beautiful balance with vivid acidity and velvety tannins. It has a complex character in which refreshing fruitiness plays with opulent barrel notes.

Vylyan Montenouvo Cuvée 2014
Vylyan Montenouvo Cuvée 2014

Vylyan Premium Montenouvo 2014

 The structure is dominated by the Cabernet Franc, harmoniously complemented by the spiciness of the Syrah and the Zweigelt and the balance of the Merlot. It opens with coolness and modest elegance. The finely adjusted, uniquely spicy and vivid character opens upon discreetly, step by step. Vylyan wines are famous for their complex, fine-tuned and ethereal elegance, as well as a lively and refreshing sip. This pure approach is quite possible the most apparent in the Cabernet Sauvignon. The variety considered to be often “rough” almost “smiles at you” from the Vylyan bottle. Dark fruity notes and the spiciness of cocoa powder feels overwhelming on the palate, but with proportionate and soft tannins and refreshing acidity.