Apart from the long established Törley Sparkling Winery and another winery called Garamvári, sparkling wine is a relatively new phenomenon in Hungary – however it is more then popular. Wineries all over the country recognised the charm of the bubbles, so now winelovers can enjoy a fully wide range of méthode traditionelle sparkling wines, some of them of really great quality. Start a journey of Hungarian bubbles!

1–5 Euros
5–10 Euros

Dobosi Bio Dobosi Cuvée 2015-2016

  Bio Dobosi Cuvée 2015-2016 Ligth, easy drinking red wine from Balaton Uplands with sour cherry and plum jam on the nose, blackcurrant and blackberry on the palate. (It has a distinct ’cigánymeggy’ character, which is a Hungarian type of picante, savoury sour cherry.)

Dobosi Kéknyelű 2016

10-20 Euros
20-40 Euros