Wine Bars

Wine bars are great institutions where one can sample infinite varieties and styles. On this page we list the wine bars that we – the editors of the website – can cordially suggest. You can browse the wine bars according to location: Budapest (the capital of Hungary), North West, South West, North East and South East of Hungary. Cheers!


0,75 Bistro

Location: 1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 6.
Opening hours: Mon–Wed: 11.00–00.00, Thu–Sat: 11.00–01.00, Sun: 11.00–00.00
Tel.: +36-70-370-7474
Food: warm meals typical of the Hungarian cuisine (e.g.: chicken soup, rare duck breast with spinach risotto, roasted goose liver, goulash soup)

This bar belongs to the same owner as the Palack Wine Bar (see below). It is near the spectacular Saint Stephen’s Basilica, in the heart of the city. The wine bar offers the same sortiment as Palack: lesser known and also iconic Hungarian producers and some foreign wines (New Zealand, Australia, Germany).

DiVino Bazilika

Location: Budapest, Szent István tér 3.
Opening hours: Mon–Wed: 16.00–00.00, Thu–Sat: 16.00–02.00, Sun: 16.00–00.00
Tel.: +36-70-935-3980
Food: bistro food (e.g chicken wings, cheese plates, salads, olives)

The first bar of DiVino franchise opened in 2011 and became trendy rapidly. It has a unique concept of selling only Hungarian wines from young winemakers, from the so called Junibor association of young winemakers. They have their own English language 3 day wine school as well.

DiVino Gozsdu

Location: Budapest, Király utca 13.
Opening hours: Mon–Wed: 16.00–00.00, Thu–Sat: 16.00–02.00, Sun: 16.00–00.00
Tel.: +36-70-413 4899
Food: bistro food (e.g. grilled goat cheese, olives, roasted salmon with mango-green salad, cheese cake with verjus)

It has the same concept as the ‘brother’ DiVino Bazilika, but DiVino Gozsdu is situated in the heart of the party district of Budapest. If you want a table, you should reserve in advance, since it gets crowded in the evening.


Location: 1072 Budapest, Dob u. 20.
Opening hours: Mon–Wed: 14.00–02.00, Thu–Sat: 14.00–04.00, Sun: 14.00–02.00
Tel.: +36-20-398-8863
Food: bistro food (e.g. a good selection of Hungarian craft cheese and other international cheeses, crispy duck skin, duck rilette, ham or meal plate)

Doblo boasts to be the most beautiful wine bar. It offers a good selection of Hungarian wines, plus some international sparkling wines. Some Hungarian wines can be bought by magnum bottle. Doblo offers 120 minute wine tastings as well in various topics, the flights of these mini courses are really well chosen.


Location: 1055 Budapest, Balassi Bálint utca 27.
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11–24h
Telephone: +36303453739 – please call this number for reservation!

The place was awarded the Best Wine Bar (by VinCE, the market leading wine magazine of Hungary). The tiny wine bar is within easy reach of the Parliament of Hungary, and they offer some tapas as well. Every day 60 wines are offered by the glass, and the selection is changing day by day. There is a strong focus on Austrian wines – the owner emphasizes that Hungarian people have a common taste with Austrian people maybe due to the long common history (referring to the Austro-Hungarian Empire).

Kadarka Wine Bar

Location: Budapest, Király u. 42.
Opening hours: 16.00–00.00
Tel.: +36-1-266-5094
Food: bistro food (e.g. home made spreads, patés, cheese plates, sausages)

The wine bar is named after a Hungarian red autochton grape variety, Kadarka. It is situated in the party district of Budapest, though it was opened before the area became popular among foreign party people. The wine bar offers lesser known Hungarian wines, so it is a good choice for curious wine nerds!


Location: Budapest, 2nd district, corner of Lövőház and Káplár streets
Opening hours: Tue–Wed: 12.00–22.00, Thu: 12.00–23.00, Fri: 12.00–01.00, Sat: 14.00–01.00, Sun-Mon: closed
Tel.: +36-30-973-1042
Food: small selection of bistro food (sandwiches, spreads, cheese and ham plates)

’Kóstolom’ means ’I am tasting’, and the brand name originally stood for a database of wineries and wine related places. A step forward was to open the wine bar in 2018, and since its opening the wine bar has been hosting tastings and discussions with winemakers frequently. The wine bar functions as a shop as well, customers can take home bottles from Béres (Tokaj), Kreinbacher (Somló), Dobosi (Balaton) and several other wineries.

MyWine Bar – Artizan Shop

Location: Budapest, 5th district, Arany János street 16.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 12.00–23.00, Sat–Sun: 16.00–23.00
Tel.: +36 70 341 2653
Food: ham and cheese platters

A shop with a carefully selected portfolio of wines – including almost the whole range of Barta wines (Mád, Tokaj). MyWine Bar is a wholesale store and webshop, but in the centre of Budapest all the wines of the portfolio are to be found and in most cases to be tasted by the glass as well. Good craft beer selection.

Palack Wine Bar

Location: 1114 Budapest, Szent Gellért tér 3.
Opening hours: Mon: 12.00–23.00, Tue–Sat: 12.00–00.00, Sun: 12.00–22.00
Tel.: +36-30-997-1902
Food: bistro food (e.g. paninis, tortillas, tapas, cheese plate, grilled sausages)

This tiny wine bar is situated in Buda side of the city, just opposite the famous Gellért Hotel and Spa. ‘Palack’ means bottle, and here one can find infinite number of bottles… It offers mostly Hungarian wines either from small, artisan wineries or from iconic Hungarian winemakers like István Szepsy from Tokaj. Some foreign wines are available as well. The wine bar frequently organises music programmes and tasting events.

Szalonspicc Wine Bar and Café

Location: 1024 Budapest, Lövőház u. 17.
Opening hours: Mon–Sat: 12.00–00.00, Sun: 16.00–00.00
Tel.: +36-30-861-9006
Food: bistro food (hamburgers, salads, macarons)

The little café and wine bar is in the hilly Buda side, not far from a shopping centre called Mammut. They offer around 60 different wines (mostly Hungarian with some international bottles) and 15 sparkling wines (from Spanish cava to Tasman method traditionelle sparkling wine. ‘Szalonspicc’ is a funny word for the state of being slightly tipsy.

North-West Hungary

Cuvée Wine Store and Bar

Location: 9700 Szombathely, Fő Tér 24. Uránia Shopping Centre
Opening hours: Mon-Thu: 8.00–22.00, Fri: 8.00–24.00, Sat: 9.00–24.00 Sun: 10.00–16.00
Tel.: +36-94-367-842
Food: Seasonally changing selection of cheese and ham, freshly baked bread and tapas

The Cuvée Wine Bar has involved Szombathely into Hungary’s wine life since 2004. Located at the intersection of two wine regions it’s a significant mixture (‘cuvée’) of a bar, a shop and an “experience-manufactory” with its varied thematic tastings. Cuvée offers a wide range of wines from surrounding wineries but also French, Italian items and even Champagne and Port.

Kredenc Wine Bistro

Location: 8230 Balatonfüred, Blaha Lujza u. 7.
Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11.00–24.00
Tel.: +36-20-518-9960
Food: bistro food, daily offers made of the freshest products of the market.

Founded in 2010 by a family moved to Balatonfüred from Budapest, Kredenc is a homely and central bistro of the capital of Lake Balaton. Since they’ve integrated the neighbouring confectionary, they also offer sweets beside bistro food, local wine, sparkling wine, refreshers and coffee. Occasionally live music makes the atmosphere even more relaxed.

Tastevino Wine Bar and Shop

Location: 9400 Sopron, Várkerület 5.
Opening hours: Tue-Sat: 12.00-24.00
Tel.: +36 30 519 8285
Food: not available

Tastevino is a place for professional tastings and relaxation. Owing to the owner, who is a sommelier, there’s an emphasised role of professional assistance in case of external events, private wine courses, or guidance for wine-food pairing and wine seletions. Tastevino has their own wine courses and tastings with professional speakers from the whole country.

South-West Hungary

‘Főtér’ Wine Bar

Location: 7621 Pécs, Széchenyi tér. 1.
Opening hours: Mon-Thu: 11.00–24.00, Fri-Sun: 11.00–2.00
Tel.: +36 20 323 9199
Food: breakfast, barfood, snacks, sandwiches, desserts

The Főtér Wine Bar is a vivid meeting point in the central of Pécs, the cultural capital of Hungary which has a very eventful, mediterranean atmosphere. Főtér (literally ‘Main Square’) is available all day, also in the morning for a breakfast or quality coffee specialities served by professional baristas. In the evening it becomes a wine bar with selected quality wines from the whole country.

Pampetrics Wine Shop and Bar

Location: Keszthely, Kossuth Lajos utca 22.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9.30–17.00, Sat: 9.30–13.00
Tel.: +36 83 312-551, +36 30 6535-545
Food: not available

The Pampetrics family founded their wine shop in 2005. Their enterprise is based on the good relation with the producers, therefore their wines are obtained personally and are taken to the shop directly from the winery. Pampetrics’s selection is composed of 1400 wines from all the significant wine regions of Western-Hungary, from small artisan wineries to the bigger modern ones. They also offer an up-to-date range of foreign wines.