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Wine always tastes better in the cellar, especially if it is served by the winemaker itself. Beyond classical wine tastings wineries can fascinate their visitors in a thousand ways. Kristinus Estate in South Balaton operates a bistro, offers some lovely rooms to stay, organizes unforgettable events, but they also have a rarity: a functioning cinema, where instead of coke guests can sip bubbly wine while watching a movie. In this category we expect articles with outstanding examples in the topic of wine tourism introducing one or more wineries or an entire wine region.

Sarah May Grunwald

Lately everyone seems to be talking about natural wines, a term that has become more than common in wine parlance- natural wines have become a trend, a hashtag, a preference, a movement and more.  But a concrete definition?

Nina Keyser

Lately everyone seems to be talking about natural wines, a term that has become more than common in wine parlance- natural wines have become a trend, a hashtag, a preference, a movement and more.  But a concrete definition?

Marisa d'Vary

If you were a wine-savvy Roman citizen in the first century, chances are you’d be telling your friends about the delicious wines of Mallorca, Spain. The Roman wine-loving historian and philosopher Pliny the Elder praised Mallorcan wine so highly, vast quantities were exported into Rome from this western Mediterranean island.


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Kristinus Wine Estate – a Balaton estate for adventure seekers

Our winery, situated on the slopes of the southern shores of Lake Balaton, has been producing award-winning wines since 2005. Kristinus Wine Estate welcomes its guests with cuisine which will appeal to fine-dining enthusiasts, a unique cinema, an event venue and a wine hotel. Our winery, located ten minutes from Balatonmáriafürdő, offers convivial concerts and atmospheric dinners, as well as wine tasting of an impressive array of wines, of course.

Our wines

What is a better representation of the South Balaton terroir than the wine repertoire of Kristinus? In addition to elegance, every drop of this unique selection – dominated by French varieties – preserves depth, a sense of ease, the taste of sunshine, the zest of the soil and all the characteristics of the Balaton Region at the same time. Do you believe that a rosé can contain the turquoise of the lake? Can you imagine a light-bodied white transporting you into the deep? Would you trust a full-bodied red wine as your travel companion? Taste our wine and all your questions will be answered.
The vineyard’s white wine assortment: Chardonnay, Irsai Olivér, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Furmint and Muscat Lunel.
The vineyard’s red wine assortment: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt.
The mission of our wine estate is to protect the grapes and the environment for the next generation and for the whole world and also to reduce our ecological footprint. Our purpose is to serve as examples and produce our excellent quality wines in the spirit of sustainability and of biodinamic farming.
All in all, in each drop of our Kristinus wines originated from different slopes there is mistery and the nectars carry within the characteristics of our slopes.

Our services

Our basic services include tasting of fine wines and winery tours. Taste the Kristinus wine specialties in our own winery! Learn about the stages of winemaking, the secrets of reductive and barrique wines and let our wine specialist introduce you to the world of crisp acidity and smooth tannins.

In addition, we are glad to arrange carriage rides, golf, hot air balloon flight, sailing, fast boat rides and transfers to nearby baths. The winery is pleased to put its ‘Kristinus Bus’ at the disposal of its guests.


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  • All the three finalists (including the winner) of the category will receive a Kristinus wine selection and a ticket for the concert of  Bagossy Brothers Company at Kristinus Wine Estate on 21 September, 2019.
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Chris Boiling

An experienced, award-winning journalist, editor and scriptwriter. Current projects include trying to save rare winegrapes from extinction. Apart from writing, he has first hand experience on winemaking from his Slovenian wine estate. He is a editor of IWC Canopy, the online publication of the word famous wine contest, International Wine Challenge.

Fintan Kerr

Fintan Kerr DipWSET is a WSET qualified wine educator and writer based in Barcelona, Spain. In 2019 he won Millésima Blog Award in Food & Wine Pairing category. Specialising in Spanish wine, Fintan spends his days teaching about the wonderful world of wine, and enjoying a glass or three along the way!

Agnes Nemeth

She worked as editor-in-chief of VinCE Magazine for 12 years, and she was chief organizer of the first 7 editions of VinCE Budapest Wine Show. Since October 2016 she has been editor-in-chief of An article of was chosen winner of Wine report category by Millesima Blog Award in 2017. A founding member of the Hungarian Circle of Winewriters.