The wine region is on the south west of Hungary, not far from the south west end of Lake Balaton. The hilly wine region has the most rain in Hungary, and the temperature is lower than the average. Though the Romans already culivated vineyards, the Turkish invasion destroyed them. Then replantation started, however phylloxera detroyed plantations again. The wine region status was regained only in 1997, it was called ’Balaton-melléke’ (Side of Lake Balaton), and it was renamed in 2009, since then it has been called Zala wine region. The most famous winemaker of the region was a general practitioner who was fed up with the low quality wines given to him by his clients. He, István Bussay produced great quality wines until his death, now his family carries on the winery.

No wineries from the region have joined the project yet.